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Carpet color for an all black interior?


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I have an Avanti with an all black interior, and I mean all black, dashboard and center console included. It's #4711 and was one of the 60 or so cars that were produced that way. 

I have black carpeting, and I think most of it is original. Can someone confirm that it came with black carpeting? 

Thanks, Jim Ober

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I don't have the information handy but at a certain serial number all Avantis came with black carpeting.  It should be in the body and parts manual if you have it...it will give what serial number car the carpeting was black for all.

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It may not be relevant to this discussion but all 1963 Avantis didn't come with salt & pepper carpets.  Some came with black carpets, depending on the exterior & interior color combination.  For example, a '63 Avanti with gold exterior and Fawn & Elk interior came with black carpets.  Source: The Avanti Color & Upholstery Selector book.


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