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Soda Blasting


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4 hours ago, Jed said:

Has anyone had experience with the Soda Blasting process for paint prep on their Avanti?

I do not have experience with it, but also would not recommend it.

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As you know I did my 74 with razor blades and it was not a fun job. Several years ago I bought a used ARE fiberglass topper for my truck that needed a repaint. After much looking I bought a gallon of water based stripper from West Marine. It did a darn good job on the cured base coat/ clearcoat on it. Washes off with water so no bad residue like the Aircraft type strippers. It's made for fiberglass stripping applications.

If you want to try it you can buy a quart for about $30 to see how it works.

If I had to do the 74 again, I'd use this stuff.


Good luck, Bob

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