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Avanti Books?


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There's several good books worthwhile to invest in.  You can find some good ones here in the AOAI store AOAI store.  Look on ebay and you can find Tom Bonsall's "Avanti!" usually.  There's two editions of it...on from the late '70s and one from the '90s.  Both are very good but the second edition has some updated information.

You can't always take all the information to the bank...some information was either wrong or has been disproven by further research.  But all are worth the read and quite enjoyable.

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Agree wholeheartedly with Gunslinger, your library should include multiple books by multiple authors regarding Avanti.

One of my favorites is by Studebaker archivist Andy Beckman, "Studebaker's Last Dance: the Avanti". The photographs and inside information are incredible due to Beckman's access to Studebaker documents and photos. Especially noteworthy is Chapter 6: Paradise Lost, which details reasons why Studebaker shuttered South Bend, thus ending Avanti production. 

A freebie that makes for interesting reading is The Lamberti Papers - notes taken by Dr N.A. Lamberti, VP of Operations: https://studebaker-info.org/Lamberti/lambertipagesintro.html This voluminous document (depressing at times) is one of many tasty treats on Bob Johnstone's excellent web page: https://studebaker-info.org.

Happy viewing! 



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