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You could probably have the slots cut. I assume that Studebaker did that.

I don't know why the difference, I assume the engineers knew what they were doing.


As far as aluminum, If you can find one, Lionel Stone cast one. Sometimes there were machining problems and they needed welding and remachining. If you go onto the SDC website, Jeff Rice, who goes by DeepNHock, makes adapters to use other manifolds.


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Progress report:  Dave Thibeault found me a good engine that was partially rebuilt for a prior customer that gave up on the project.  It was already bored out to 304.5 ci and had the rotating assembly balanced.  He then found me a set of low compression heads that he had cleaned up, and installed the larger (R3) valves in.  My spare intake manifold was the correct (slotted) one, so I got lucky there.  I also got lucky on the blower I had, which is being rebuilt now with the higher output pullies.  The carburetor wasn't the right one, but Dave has found me an R3 airbox which will hide the fact that I'll be using a slightly larger one.  Dave has found the correct oil pan and breather and is working on all the other parts needed.

The five speed transmission is becoming a bit more of a "challenge" than  I hoped.  Dave found me everything I need to convert to a standard transmission and even an adapter for the T5 five speed, BUT I've been told that the T5 won't stand up to the R3 engine as it was only designed to handle 300 lbs/ft of torque.  I've found several Tremec transmissions that are rated high enough, but will they fit?  Looks like they won't bolt up to the adapter designed for the T5.  Still working on that problem... do I go with the T5 and hope it will hold up?  Or keep looking for a better alternative?

In the mean time the first hog trough is almost out!  Its been a nightmare of a job, but the second side should go better as I'm learning!

Thanks for all the support.

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