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82 Avanti tail light conversion kit.

Stuart Boblett

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At one time I saw a conversion kit to change the trunk mounted back up lights to tail / signal lights including license plate frame for back up lights. I cannot seem to find it now, can someone help?

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In Stan Gundry's book "What The Shop Manual Won't Tell You" he has a write up on your question on pages 32-33.  Basically, he suggests getting a set of red lenses to replace the clear lenses for the backup bulbs.  (Apparently red lenses were used in place of the clear lenses for the 84-85 years.)  You then parallel wire bulb sockets, which accommodate the 1157 bulbs, and place the bulb sockets in the backup light housing.  He suggests a 7.5 amp fuse in the stoplight circuit.  He then suggests attaching some halogen lights on either side of the license plate and wiring these in to the backup light circuit.

If you primary worry is safety, what I did on mine was (silicon) glue 1/2" and 1" square mirrors, available at craft stores, inside the housings, on top, bottom, sides and back.  The metal foil disintegrates but the mirrors make it quite bright.  I did this on both the back and front housings.  (The 1/2" mirrors fit perfectly on the backs of the front bulb housings.)  Also, I have an after-market center mounted brake light in the back window.

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I did the same to my 83. Didn’t use a kit, just replaced the backup bulb with an 1157 LED bulb, bought a couple LED lights for backups of the internet, and did a little rewiring. Nostalgic had the red lenses. I figure it doesn’t hurt to have the extra brake lights. Mike


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