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  1. Thank you Jim, that was my thought but I still cannot figure out why I get these results. One of the great mysteries of Avanti I guess. If I come up with an answer I will let everyone know and I appreciate everyone's assistance.
  2. Everything else works in the Parking Light Mode except the light with the LED bulb. With headlights on this parking light does work along with everything else. With 1157 bulb back in it works normally. Hope that answers your question. Thanks.
  3. I have an 82 Avanti and upon swapping the existing tail / parking light 1057 bulb with a compatible LED bulb the parking lights work with the headlights on and the turn signals work but not in just the parking light mode. The front and side parking lights work normally. When using the incandescent 1157 bulb the parking lights work normally in the parking light mode. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks.
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