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IIRC on my 83, the pump was located on the firewall near the wiper motor. Follow the hose that comes out the of the cover on the tank. The tank is held in place by two studs on the bottom of the tank. Remove the nuts from under the dash. You can never tell what is OEM on them but that's how mine is setup.


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I don't know if this is a 'chronic' problem on Avantis that have the windshield washer tank bolted to the top of the firewall,....but I've seen two examples (including my own '83 daily driver), where the washer tank developed cracks at the bottom, and the washer fluid then permeated the tank mounting studs creaing a 'WATER LEAK' over the drivers feet!...On my '83, I went with an entirely different washer setup.

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My '79 had the same problem, a crack in the tank at the mounting location.

I am sure that over-tightening the mounting nuts and solidly mounted attachment method

caused the stress crack problem. Possible freeze related issues too.

I removed the tank, cleaned the edges of the crack and used clear epoxy to make the repair

both inside and out. Testing the repair before re-mounting shows no leaking.

Looks decent enough for a driver.

When remounting the tank, I used an 1/8" thick, 2" diameter rubber washer as a cushion both on

the tank bottom and the underside of the dash mounting location, and ny-lock nuts and fender washers

to snug the tank down and hold, but not exert undue stress on the tank.

It has a small amount of give yet is securely in place.

And the repairs/upgrades don't show.

Problem solved.

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I removed the bladder bag from my 76 and put the plastic tank in a couple of years ago, leaving the pump in the original location and just rerouted the tank supply hose. I got a new tank from Dan Booth.

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