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Avanti Sleeves!


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During assembly of the Avanti chassis, why did Studebaker specify installing the tie rod adjusting sleeves 'inside' (near bellcrank), as opposed to 'outside' (near tires)?

(Many later Avanti ll's had these sleeves installed 'outside' near tires by factory:o)

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23 minutes ago, 1963r2 said:

Gees, I thought it was the other way around. I guess the sleeves are at there highest point.


You'd think the adjusting sleeves would be installed to the outside, and many have been turned around over the years.....however, there was a practical reason why Studebaker specified the sleeves to be installed towards bellcrank.

Any other thoughts here?:huh:

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16 hours ago, ntenna said:

Toe-in and centering can be set from one location?


6 hours ago, Desert Driver said:

I vote for this guess...one stop centering, as opposed to going from one wheel to the other. Tighter quarters, though.

ntenna & Desert Driver.......you guys both 'nailed' it!:)

Installing the adjusting sleeves to the inside made what might have been a two man job a one man job, of course saving Studebaker $$$$$!

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