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Rear brake shoes,1973

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Not a direct answer to your question, but it may be related.  I believe that RBQ 1898 is considered to be a 1972 model Avanti in the Avanti world.  Perhaps your Avanti was first registered/titled as a left over and became considered, by the DMV, to be a 1973 when titled/registered.    

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3 hours ago, Puffdaddy#1 said:

Seriously, what the heck is really on there,can a man go in and buy these things or does he have to hassel around  and have them relined?

Had somebody got this mail down yet?

I'm going to post the complete listings from Bob Johnstones site that will include the rear brake pads for a 73 Avanti. It seems neither forum can seem to remember that Bob has compiled a tremendous resource that hardly ever seems to be used. 

PD, if you scroll through the Avanti section you will find a listing under 73 Avanti that says rear brakes. I'll add it here and welcome. https://www.studebaker-info.org/Avanti/Avtext3/73avrearbrakes.txt

Bob's site




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