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  1. Check the fluid in the pump & verify it is indeed power steering fluid. I've had several convertibles with power tops that were filled with trans fluid in the pump.
  2. Will this become reality? I would buy it!! https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2021/05/28/is-it-over-for-avanti
  3. These look promising! Do you recall where you bought them?
  4. Thx for all the input. I currently have rams horns & true duals. Looking for more giddy up in the exhaust area. Planning on wrapping whatever ultimately is chosen so heat isn't really a concern. Any headers out there that don't have issues with the steering box? Any Intel is much appreciated😀
  5. I have a 77 Avanti with the corvette L48 350 small block. Added dual exhaust but looking for better flow. Anyone install headers? Shorties? Long tube? Hooker? Headman? Looking for thoughts/ideas. Thx!!
  6. Today I let the gas tank run near empty. Filled up @ Costco & the gauge went up above 1\2 to nearly 3/4. First time gauge has read above 1/2 in a while. Could there be an issue with the float that's causing the inaccurate reading? Gauge jumps around quite a bit but read near empty when tank was close to empty.
  7. I have a 77 Avanti. I filled the gas tank & it only read 1/2. As I drove the gauge bounces between 1/2 & 1/8. Recently I ran out of gas when the gauge read 1/8. Is there a ground that is typically bad? Are these gas gauges inherently faulty? Any insight is appreciated. Thx!!
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