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  1. I was not able to attend this years Avanti meet in Indianapolis. Does anyone know if the tech session was recorded, and if so where/when it will be available for viewing?
  2. I know what you're talking about, my "72 was set up this way when it was stock. Unfortunately I've made some changes to it over the years so while I can't show you pictures of mine I was able to find some of another '70 Avanti which hopefully will be of some help. For the V-belts, the one closest to the engine goes from the first crank pulley groove to the power steering pump. The middle one goes on the middle groove of the crank pulley and around the water pump and alternator. The third most forward belt goes on the third groove of the crank pulley, and around the idlers and AC compressor. You adjust the position of the idlers to adjust the belt tension. I hope this helps.
  3. On the diagram I have it shows wire #14 (orange) on the top, wire 47D (white) should be on left if looking at the gauge from the back, or towards the center of the car, and wire 55B (Grey with Black trace)should be at the bottom. Avanti Temp Gauge Wiring.pdf
  4. Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors has those bolts available for $5; I just bought one along with the rag joint last week.
  5. It's very interesting that the factory had a modification to add an aux starter solenoid. This was something I had to do on my Avanti many years ago to cure a hot no-start problem. Jred, could you please scan and post the instructions that a partially shown in your picture?
  6. My '72 Avanti II with the 400 Chevy engine and 2-barrel carb used this fuel filter. When they became expensive and hard to find (back in the '90's) I modified the plumbing to use a less expensive, easily available filter.
  7. That's a nice modification; thanks for sharing.
  8. Man, those look great! What size tires did you use and are the front & rear tires the same size?
  9. That looks fantastic! You do amazing work!
  10. Excellent! Glad you found a solution and thanks for sharing the information!
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