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  1. It's very interesting that the factory had a modification to add an aux starter solenoid. This was something I had to do on my Avanti many years ago to cure a hot no-start problem. Jred, could you please scan and post the instructions that a partially shown in your picture?
  2. My '72 Avanti II with the 400 Chevy engine and 2-barrel carb used this fuel filter. When they became expensive and hard to find (back in the '90's) I modified the plumbing to use a less expensive, easily available filter.
  3. That's a nice modification; thanks for sharing.
  4. Man, those look great! What size tires did you use and are the front & rear tires the same size?
  5. That looks fantastic! You do amazing work!
  6. Excellent! Glad you found a solution and thanks for sharing the information!
  7. Jegs has re-manufactured Q-Jets. I have one of these on my Avanti and it works quite well. https://www.jegs.com/p/JEGS/JEGS-4-bbl-Remanufactured-Quadrajet-Carburetors/752437/10002/-1 Or, you could order a rebuild kit for the one you have. Q-Jets have a few tricks to taking them apart and putting them back together though so be sure to study up if you have not done this before.
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