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Accelerator Pedal


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Does anyone know how the accelerator pedal on a 78 attaches to the body?

On the restoration I'm doing the bottom of the pedal was completely rusted away. I bought a new pedal from Studebaker International but it is only rubber and does not have any 'hinge' at the bottom.  There are no holes in the floor so I am thinking the pedal had a hinge screwed to the bottom and was epoxied to the floor. Thoughts?


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If you have the correct pedal and I'll bet you do, the pedal bolts through the floor and the lower portion of the pedal serves as the hinge. Both my 74 and 83 mount like this so my money is on your 78 being the same way.

This is my 74.



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Thank you for getting back to me.  What you stated and showed is what I would have expected but as you can see in the pictures I've attached,  the old pedal has a piece of rusted out steel and the floor board does not have any holes.  I also looked under the car and do not see any indication that holes had been 'filled'.

I don't know if you can see it but the bottom metal has a lip like it was sitting on a triangular piece. There is considerable staining in this area probably from the rusting but this is why I thought the pedal had been epoxied to the floor.

Any other thoughts?




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It does appear that there is a plate,  with two studs pressed or welded to it, that was epoxied to the floor.  The visible studs and nuts on top would give the appearance that there are two bolts going through the floor.  That's the way my '78 looks from the top.  I'll have to check for any sign of bolt heads the next time that I'm under it, but I suspect that there are none.

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Talking it over with the guys in my Chicago chapter, they agree.  What concerns we is that it looks like the metal plate was a 'wedge' shape.  I am assuming this was to give the proper angle to the pedal, for the  accelerator rod.  I think I will have mock this up with the new pedal to make sure I am not putting pre-pressure on the accelerator assembly.

A few people have said mount to the floor with a hinge.  But since the base is under the carpet, the carpet would raise and add pressure to the movement of the pedal.

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