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  1. those are the ones I used on my 78 .I like the ride with them
  2. I also used the Soft velcro part. Works great. just trim to size
  3. 5/8" hose. I also added a 90 Deg elbow Here is a few pictures mounted to my bracket.
  4. try Napa 935813. $17.50 I had to drill a hole to mount to the bracket on my 78 but it is the correct direction for the cable control
  5. Dryer for my 78 was VTA-07321-VUC at Summit Expansion Valve 38608 at 4 Seasons
  6. When I replaced my hog troughs, even though they were galvanized, I used KBS Rust Blast and then Rust Seal inside and out. I then used the KBS Blacktop on the outside surfaces. Since I also was doing a frame off, I also used the Rust Blast, Rust Seal and Blactop on the frame. The Rust Blast is a Phosphoric acid the neutralizes any rust the sand blasting missed. As a suggestion, I used the Satin finish for the Rust Seal and the Gloss for the Top Coat so I could see if I had missed areas when applying the top coat. KBS also has a product called Cavity Coater. It comes with a 36" flexible tube and 360 degree tip in an Aerosol can. You can use inside the frame. I actually think the KBS products are better than the POR 15 products, but that is my opinion.
  7. yes, the Summit part I listed fit the hoses on my 78. Since it is a 'Dryer', It should not be opened up until you are ready to actually recharge the system. When I took the the caps off the fittings, it actually 'hissed' which I assume was a vacuum on the part.
  8. I used VTA-07321-vvc from Summit. It does not have the low pressure switch output but does have a sight glass Of course now you will need to completely evacuate and clean the system before a recharge
  9. I think those are your seat belt mountings. The plates should be threaded or have nuts welded to them
  10. Dave, I made one in Brushed Nickel. Also did the center console inlays. I got the brushed nickel, probably about 18ga, from Menards. It is used for bottom door kick panels. The worst part for me was getting the bend right.
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