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  1. those are the ones I used on my 78 .I like the ride with them
  2. I also used the Soft velcro part. Works great. just trim to size
  3. 5/8" hose. I also added a 90 Deg elbow Here is a few pictures mounted to my bracket.
  4. try Napa 935813. $17.50 I had to drill a hole to mount to the bracket on my 78 but it is the correct direction for the cable control
  5. Dryer for my 78 was VTA-07321-VUC at Summit Expansion Valve 38608 at 4 Seasons
  6. When I replaced my hog troughs, even though they were galvanized, I used KBS Rust Blast and then Rust Seal inside and out. I then used the KBS Blacktop on the outside surfaces. Since I also was doing a frame off, I also used the Rust Blast, Rust Seal and Blactop on the frame. The Rust Blast is a Phosphoric acid the neutralizes any rust the sand blasting missed. As a suggestion, I used the Satin finish for the Rust Seal and the Gloss for the Top Coat so I could see if I had missed areas when applying the top coat. KBS also has a product called Cavity Coater. It comes with a 36" flexible tube and 360 degree tip in an Aerosol can. You can use inside the frame. I actually think the KBS products are better than the POR 15 products, but that is my opinion.
  7. yes, the Summit part I listed fit the hoses on my 78. Since it is a 'Dryer', It should not be opened up until you are ready to actually recharge the system. When I took the the caps off the fittings, it actually 'hissed' which I assume was a vacuum on the part.
  8. I used VTA-07321-vvc from Summit. It does not have the low pressure switch output but does have a sight glass Of course now you will need to completely evacuate and clean the system before a recharge
  9. I think those are your seat belt mountings. The plates should be threaded or have nuts welded to them
  10. Dave, I made one in Brushed Nickel. Also did the center console inlays. I got the brushed nickel, probably about 18ga, from Menards. It is used for bottom door kick panels. The worst part for me was getting the bend right.
  11. If it is connected to a potted box, Turn on your wipers and see if it acts as a variable speed for them. I have one that does that.
  12. If you haven't found one yet, send me a message. I have a spare
  13. I have 3 different types.

    1 is black, 2" dia with silver lettering

    1 is black, 2" dia with Gold lettering.

    1 is Silver, 2 1/8" with Black Lettering.

    $5 ea and I could just mail them.

    If interested, when I get a new phone I could send pictures. Let me know

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    2. pantera928


      Here is what mine look like. Trying to show a photo but i keep getting an error message.

      Send me some pictures or give me an email and I will send the picture of mine that way.


    3. R2W55


      It won't let me upload a picture either.

      My cell # is 847-682-0229  try sending your picture to me and I'll send mine.

    4. pantera928


      Just sent you a text.


  14. I will check today.. I lost me phone and am trying to catch up

    I also have some square Headlight covers and plastic covers..  They are used so might need some polishing.

    You can cal me at 815-477-2066  this is land line as I have not replaced my phone yet.

  15. Are you looking for the black and silver stick-on Avanti emblem? I might have a couple. Let me know if still interested.
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