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  1. On 5/21/2023 at 9:30 AM, Nelson said:

    I assume the early Avanti II used the Late 64 seat bottom and back. Eventually the seat back acquired the built in head rest. Was the head rest simply an add or weld on to the existing Studebaker design? In other words, could an early Avanti II seat back be re conformed to the original late 64 style?

    I would like to find or duplicate a set of late thick back buckets to reupholster and install  in a 64 Avanti.

    Yes, the early Avanti ll bucket seat backs were 'add on reworked' (head rest accomodation) of the original Studebaker Avanti seat backrest.

    An early Avanti ll which I purchased years ago, (RQA 0298) was ordered in an extremely unusual fashion....The driver's seat had the early Avanti ll head rest rework...while the passenger seat was stock late '64 Studebaker Avanti! (no built in headrest) ...Everything was upholstered in green tweed and black vinyl.

  2. Back in the day, many (silly) Studebaker Avanti owners removed the Stude nameplate and filled in the holes.......

    On my '83 everyday driver Avanti, I REMOVED the Avanti script from the deck lid, and installed the stylized '64-'66 'Studebaker' nameplate dead center between the back up lights...Looks pretty good I think!!

  3. 31 minutes ago, Mark L said:

    My Avanti has no Studebaker script on the trunk lid. There are no holes in the trunk lid for the pins on the back of the script, so I can only assume that during a previous restoration, the script was deleted and the holes filled in, or the trunk lid was replaced and it never had the holes.

    I'm planning to install a new Studebaker script on the trunk lid so it appears correct.

    Question: Is there a template available that will help me put the script in the correct location?



    Filled in holes should be visible from back side of trunk lid.

  4. 20 minutes ago, brad said:

    More than likely 5652. The one in my shop. White with currently orange interior. The one at Indy was white. There was one other white prototype. The build sheet shows red interior, but I haven't tore into it to see if that is how it actually was built.  Things might have changed when it was updated and sold by the factory in engineering.  When restored, it will be as it was when first built including lacquer paint which I already have acquired.


  5. 12 hours ago, John Hull said:

    4 Prototypes renumbered






    Dave Kinny owns both 5652&5653

    New York Auto Show and Operation Airlift vehicles 

    Most significant Avantis ever built






    Hello John.....would you know which prototype Stude Avanti was used/ seen at the 1962 Indy 500?

  6. We know that the Due Cento Avanti's R5 engine is alive and well.....  (possibly sans original heads) However, does anyone know 'what's up' with the car itself?

    Is the Due Cento Avanti still in original unrestored condition...or has it possibly been restored? (less engine)


  7. 1 hour ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

    Ok, I remember now that close-ratio gears were an option.  As far as close-ratio gears being more desirable, that depends on the differential ratio and the intended use of the car.  A 4-spd Avanti with 2:20 first gear and a 3.31 diff would be a dog off the line.  I have an R3 Avanti with 3:31 diff and the (wide ratio, A833 ?) Chrysler 4-spd and that combination is great for street driving.


    That makes sense..it's really all about how the car is to be driven.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

    So, R3/R4 cars used the Chevy-bolt-pattern T10?

    Nope....close ratio gears could be ordered in the later '62-'64 Ford bolt pattern transmission case. (late '62)

  9. 3 hours ago, r1lark said:

    Because of the gear ratios.....................😊


    1 hour ago, Nelson said:

    I agree, gear ratios. Early box is close ratio 2.20 low and later are the wide box 2.54 first gear. R3/ R4 cars had the 2.20 box.

    That's it men!.....As the earlier box was basically right out of a Corvette, (excepting for the Stude input shaft), most all of them had close ratio gearing ..... The later box normally had less desirable 'wide' gear ratios, unless the 'close' gears were special ordered, or the car had a Granatelli engine.

    One Stude Avanti owner actually scared up the unique early four speed GM style clutch housing just so he could install that 'close' early four speed in his car! 😃

  10. Why do some folks consider the four speed transmission used in '61 thru early '62 Studebakers (Chevy bolt pattern case) to be more desireable than the four speed trans used in late '62 thru '64 Studebakers and Studebaker Avantis?

  11. 10 hours ago, forward said:

    My recent purchase of a '63 R2 AT has a problem I need advice/help to diagnose.    Running OK,  but last time driven I noticed it "spooled" before going into reverse.  Took about 5 seconds before it engaged.    Car has been sitting for a couple of years before purchase so am addressing leaks etc.    Used Type F to make sure fluid in tranny was up to mark when hot as it was leaking tranny fluid pretty bad.

    Today, NO reverse.   Won't move.   I have the shop manual but am confused on checking adjustment for reverse/low band.  Of course I don't have the Studebaker tools so what's the correct procedure to use?   The manual says USE tool J-5883 on adjustment screw and tighten screw until the wrench "overruns" then back off etc.     Never heard that term "overruns"  and what does it mean?

    I want to try adjustment.    The tranny shops in SE MN don't seem to want to talk about working on a '63 Avanti.   Please advise.

    If you're in SE MN area and know of a reputable tranny shop please let me know.

    That reverse band adjustment can be made without using the special factory tool....Just a matter of loosening the locknut, then winding adjustment bolt in to a specific torque, then backing bolt off a number of turns...to be honest, I do not remember how many..but that info is available in Motor's Manuals.

  12. 7 minutes ago, GeoffC312 said:

    Oh humans knew about streamlining. Lots was discovered in the 1940s via the Germans and then WWII and all those fun times. In the 1930s Wunibald Kamm discovered that if you design a vehicle with a teardrop rear (all the way to the tip), and then truncate the rear before the tip [usually on an angle but some cut vertical], that the effect to the air is similar to leaving the tip. Today we say cars with this style have a Kammback, Kamm tail, or k-tail.


    I concede the Studebaker budget and the stress of the timing in getting a new halo car to market would have pushed anything extravagant to the back burner or off the table. That part is unfortunate because, damn! What if, right?

    I believe the latest Navy ships utilize a truncated stern, which increases their speed.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Anthony63 said:

    Vince and I were good friends years ago. I helped out around the shop for a while before working for Mercedes-Benz. Also I specifically talked with Andy back in 2012 (around there) about this engine after I saw it at the South Bend meet. All of the Due Cento engines had been stamped, this one was not. Also Andy confirmed that none of the engines had a hole in the cylinder, this one pictured above did. There was an engine for the Due Cento that was blown on the dyno, but it was numbered. Somewhere I think I have a list laying around from Andy of which blocks were R-3s, which were built to be R-4s, and what block numbers were R-5s. He did confirm that the engine above does have one of the original intake systems and pulley setups that was used on the car. 

    Hmmm!.. interesting!.. so there were a few other 'R5' engines that didn't quite 'make it' !!!

    (It's wonderful that folks like Anthony63 are willing to share their memories!)

  14. 2 hours ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

    To me, another flaw in the Avanti's design is the plumpness in its mid-section (i.e., rear part of the roof).  That plumpness reminds me of the Jaguar XK-E 2+2 and Nissan 280Z 2+2.


    I understand what you mean...The XK-E 2+2 looks, to me anyway, especially 'bulky'.

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