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  1. I just received the very sad news that Charles Peckham's wife Lorraine passed away yesterday after a brief illness.....Charlie & Lorraine were always present at Avanti related events around the New England area, with their beautiful 1967 Avanti ll......They were a team, both instrumental in keeping the Northeast Chapter of the AOAI going over the last twenty or so years...... Lorraine was always by Charlie's side!..........RIP Lorraine Peckham

  2. Hoping you trivia followers 'plug in' some Avanti Trivia questions for awhile......The balance of my Packard parts all came in at once, and I'm knee deep in assembling the '56 Golden Hawk's Packard V8.......Not to mention my full time day job!!.....Thanks!...Ed:)

  3. 19 hours ago, wildfelr said:

    what was the movie where james bond drove an Avanti ??

    There was a white '63 Stude Avanti used in the James Bond movie spoof "The Touchables" back in the mid '70's.....Nothing to do with the 007 Fleming film series though!:)

  4. Back around 1997, which Studebaker-Avanti connected person wanted the SDC and AOA to consider purchasing one or two ex-Studebaker buildings in South Bend and begin rebuilding Studebakers & Avantis?......Worn out cars entering the building at one end and emerging as like new vehicles.

    1) Carroll Studebaker......2) John Brichetto......3) Harry Barnes.....or.....4) Ken Holste

  5. 2 hours ago, Nelson said:

     To throw another color out there I believe R3 blowers were red along with everything else on the engine like surge tank, crankcase vent tube, bell housing and even the transmission. I think the rear brake drums were even painted red.

    Agree!....Paxton superchargers installed on the R3's were a deeper orange, (probably red), than the typical R2 'orange' painted superchargers.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Alan Blalock said:

    I recently saw a post that stated that the brake rotors for a 1964 Avanti were the same ones used on a jaguar XKE. Does anyone know this to be correct.

    Nope, that is not correct.

  7. Use of the body number in place of the serial number is a common MISTAKE in the world of Studebaker Avantis....It happens, of course, because the actual serial number plate is buried down on the frame rail, and folks that are unaware of that assume the 'easy to find' body tag is the car's actual serial number.

    As your State has accepted this 'goof', you're under no pressure to re-title your Avanti any time soon UNLESS you intend to re-sell it....In that event, the perspective buyer will probably realize what happened...and may not want to purchase until the matter is corrected at the registry.

    PS...The non-original body tag 'looks' official and is not a problem.

  8. 14 hours ago, 64studeavanti said:

    The context of this thread is distributor rotation.

    True, however, as I introduced camshaft rotation into this conversation, your second post became a bit blurred! (unclear)

  9. 31 minutes ago, 64studeavanti said:

    Mopar use chains and also have CCW rotation.

    Not sure if we're talking about the same thing...but I can't picture how a chain driven camshaft could turn in opposite direction of crankshaft?

    (perhaps you mean distributor rotation?)



  10. Studebaker V8's are somewhat unique in that they utilize timing gears as opposed to the 'more common' timing chain set.

     The gears reverse the direction of the camshaft (compared to direction of crankshaft rotation) and consequently reverse distributor rotation.

  11. 19 hours ago, Desert Driver said:

    True....a drop of balloons at the end of each presentation.


    Good thing this was Avanti instead of WKRP...turkeys might have been dropped. 😵


    18 hours ago, pantera928 said:


    Yep!....Avanti balloons were given away:D

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