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Design Team Talents

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John Ebstein, one of 4 members as well as the nominal project manager of the team who finalized the design for the Avanti in 1961, was invaluable to Raymond Loewy on the Avanti Design project, as well as other Loewy projects, and was hired by Raymond Loewy because of his:   1)  "creative sensibility"   2)  ability to beat a deadline  3)  unique skill on collaborating with a product's engineers  4)  airbrushing skills


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3 minutes ago, studegary said:

I would think that it was #3.

certainly a logical thought, but not the correct answer.

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It does sound like something Loewy could have especially valued Ebstein for,but that’s not the correct answer.

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18 minutes ago, 1963r2 said:

Something about airbrushing springs to mind.


That is correct. 

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