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Autoretro Magazine (France)

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It appears the French publication, Autoretro magazine will be doing an article on Studebaker Avanti in an upcoming issue. 

Hints of that is when they solicit reader's photos of their car in the current issue, which they will feature when the article is published.


"We plan to discuss the Mercedes SL / SLC and Studebaker Avanti soon. You who own (or have owned) one of these cars, your user or restaurant testimonial interests us. Tell us about your joys and sorrows behind the wheel of these cars, the maintenance budget or even the points to be inspected in priority before purchase: your experience interests our readers who would in turn like to take the plunge but are still hesitant! Each participant will collect their photos and receive a copy of Autoretro in their mailbox ... As long as you mention your postal details!"



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Thank you for this information. I am photographer for Auto Retro and owner of the Raymond Loewy's french Avanti.

I myself suggested the idea of talking about the Avanti in the "Le Vrai Prix" section which aims to take stock of the costs, buying advices, maintenance problems, spare parts availability for a different car each month. Today, the writing of the article is finished and I am in the process of finishing the retouching on the photos.
It will be published in Auto Retro #458 which will be released on November 15 in France.

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I'd be interested in reading the articles..............I own a '63 Avanti and years ago owned a SLC. My brother can translate the articles for me, so I hope you can attach the articles here on the Forum...........Including the SLC article.

John Brissette

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I received copies of the December 2020  French automobile magazine, AutoRetro, and it includes a very well photographed and written 12 page full color feature on Avantis from 1963 to 1982.  Copies are for sale from the AutoRetro website at https://www.auto-retro.fr 

A number of AOAI members and their cars are featured in the article, including members in France and Switzerland, and one from the U.S. 


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On 11/28/2020 at 3:53 AM, JLBKY said:

Lew, does this edition also have  an article on the Mercedes SLC that was mentioned in the original post?

The original post was by Craig (forum member 8E45E) and referred to an item in AutoRetro at the end of the Avanti article that the magazine will next feature the Mercedes SLC in a future issue, similar to the treatment they gave to the Avanti. 

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