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  1. Thanks again Leo, Unfortunately, I can't open this document... :-/ Maybe I can find it online... Regarding the Tightsteer system... do you think this could be enough to compensate for the wear already existing on the endless screw ? or is it better to redo the screw and install the system in prevention ?
  2. Great ! Thanks for your help Leo !
  3. Thanks Leo, I did not understand the exact functioning of Tightsteer, your details are very interesting. I'm thinking about it.
  4. Thanks Leo, I actually found this piece on Bob Johnstone's website, but I feel like it's just a stopgap. Also, I agree, the repair by metal refill does not seem a very durable solution as well to me. I found a workshop in France which can redo the endless screw... remains the question of the price...
  5. Thank you Leo B! This photo of the interior is precious to me because my car is in a workshop more than 100 km from my home and I am looking for a workshop that could recharge or redo the worm. Thank you very much for your offer of help. Daniel
  6. Thank you Silverstud, Yes, I had confirmation that my steering box is original. I just misread the reference which is: SE 542989. The adjustment is already at the maximum and I know that the endless screw is not available... I believe that the only solution is to "reload" it with metal. I am looking for a workshop that can do this in my area...
  7. Thank you for your answer, The steering is very imprecise around the middle point and I'm looking for someone (in France) who can redo the worm or reload it with metal. First of all, I already wanted to make sure I had the original steering box.
  8. Hello, I own an 1963 Avanti R2 in France. Sorry if my question seems very candid to you but, while I am looking into a problem on my steering box, I wonder if it is an original assembly or a later adaptation. Those who can go look or who already know, could you please tell me what type of steering box you have ? On mine is indicated : ROSS SE 542999. It is not very accessible and I thank you in advance! Daniel
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