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  1. Want to buy a working Sparton High Tone ( Passenger Side) Horn for a '63 Avanti. I believe this horn was used on many Studebaker models and years. John Brissette, Louisville KY. john@brissette.co 50Two 7Seven 3 Zero59Two
  2. Want to buy a working Sparton High Tone ( Passenger Side ) Horn for a '63 Avanti. Studebaker Part Number 1555004 John Brissette, Louisville KY. john@brissette.co 502 Seven 7 Three Zero 59 Two
  3. JLBKY


    Nothing now that I know they were all sold. I wanted to buy them as well. Ruth was not the best communicator. Thanks for the reply John
  4. JLBKY


    Has anyone that responded to this posting heard from Ruth? Are the parts available? Did she sell them? I'm still interested. John
  5. JLBKY


    Ruth, I sent you another PM John
  6. JLBKY


    Ruth, I'd like to get a list of the parts you have available, pictures would be nice as well. I'll send you a Private Message here on this Forum with my contact information John
  7. Determine where the Passenger side goes FIRST. Then you can match that location to the Driver's side. Doing it ,Driver's side first, you run the risk of the two mirrors being in different locations in order to make them functional
  8. I sent you a P.M. Thanks John
  9. Parts!? I'll be in Indian Rocks Beach starting on the 17th. How do I contact you? John
  10. This site apparently does not like IMGUR photos. If you would like to see the photos go to the SDC web site and the same ad is posted there under Cars and Parts For Sale and the photos are posted. Thanks John
  11. This heater control valve is brand new, never used ,never installed. This version was made for and used by Avanti Motors. It fits '63-'85 Avantis . Take a look at the photos below. The mounting holes are exactly the same as the original Studebaker mounting holes. It just mounts in a different position than the original Studebaker version. Shows some shelf wear, but I assure you it is new. $95.00 plus shipping Questions..........send a PM, I check daily [img]https://i.imgur.com/bAUOsuK.jpg?1[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/Yq25yms.jpg?1[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/3h8p0e6.jpg?1[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/JNA73kI.jpg?1[/img]
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