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  1. I thought there was a bolt/ threaded rod on the bottom of the expansion tank that tightened onto that bracket. pb
  2. Wasn't there an early Avanti produced with a Saginaw steering box? I thought Brad Bez had worked on the car. Maybe it was a different steering box but it certainly wasn't a Ross. pb
  3. Gees, I thought it was the other way around. I guess the sleeves are at there highest point. pb
  4. Personally I would place the timbers between the hog troughs and the chassis and lift from there. pb
  5. Miky I don't think I have but I will have a look. pb
  6. Thanks Miky I can swap you a 63 cowl for the weather strip ( I assume it's the back glass) and you can sell the rest to Wapanzica. I'm in Australia so I can pay the shipping on the grill to you and you the seal to me. If you are interested let me know, if not no problems. peter
  7. The rear window seal, but give me a price for all as well. pb
  8. Look further down the page for doubledhotrod's post. He is parting a 69 Avanti . Dion is his name. pb
  9. 259/auto. It would certainly fit. If it is running and cheap go for it. If not use the money to fix your engine, I'm assuming there is some issue with it,. From the block forward they have different components which are transferable except the you need a long nose crank to fit the Avanti pulley so you may need to keep it a stock 259. Don't pay to much for it, a running 259 is probably $400 plus the auto. As I said if you just want to have some fun then go for it otherwise use the money on the original motor. Spares are around. pb
  10. Something about airbrushing springs to mind.
  11. I found I couldn't get one of my doors to move forward enough. I figured that the plate in the door wasn't allowing enough movement ie the captured nut was hitting its cover so I removed the plate, trimmed the edge off and reinstalled. This allowed me enough movement to close the gap. Maybe a long winded way of doing things but the cover was half hanging off anyway. I thought the A11 had slightly larger holes in the hinge to allow for more movement. pb
  12. I'm going for the less obvious answer. 3) pb
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