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  1. I think there was 2 different paint manufacturers and the colours came out slightly different.
  2. 1963r2

    Paxton 'GSS'!

    Granatelli super sucker
  3. I'm not sure about the lifting points but somewhere at the front and would look more at an engine crane to lift it. I would also slot the washers or whatever you use so that the engine only has to lift of the mount enough to slide a washer in place. Do it one side at a time. pb
  4. 1963r2

    Avanti R3858!

    Is that the one that was used in Gattica? pb
  5. Tim Best to talk to Brad Bez. I believe he has done this a few times. In fact there might be a topic on this already, try the search function. pb
  6. I was hoping it was Harold, that way there initials would have been HE and SHE. pb
  7. My guess is 1800. pb
  8. Gauge of steel used.
  9. Grounds keeper
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