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  1. 1963r2

    Avanti 63R1325

    Maybe but my R2 (1499) has a 140 mph speedo. Unless it was changed at some point. Pb
  2. 1963r2


    I think it would have been hammered so 1968.
  3. 1963r2

    R3 Breather!

    I think the R3 was , not sure of the R4.
  4. 1963r2

    Egbert Badges!

    Maybe It depends on what they were publicising. I could see if The story was about Sherwood then yes, if not then no. So I think sometime yes sometime no so false for me.
  5. 1963r2


    Replacement engine?
  6. Thanks for that. I was wondering about the lower connection point, if you used the original location the belt would interfere with access to the rear seats. I see anchor point at the bottom of the roll bar alleviates that problem and the retractor sits in the ashtray location. Once again thanks for the photos and measurements, I will use them tomorrow. pb
  7. Regarding the Avanti II three point seat belt harness. I assume 2 of the points are the locations of the original seat belts on the earlier Avanti's and the third is somewhere on the roll cage. Does anyone have a photo and measurements of that 3rd location and the location of the retractor if they had one. I would like to add this 3rd point to my 63 Avanti whilst it is apart. Thanks for your help. Thanks Peter
  8. Yes you can move the seat further back. It has been done before, I will let those who have done it explain how,. I believe you can also change steering wheels. Grant do an adaptor for the Avanti to fit other steering wheels. Pb
  9. With the empahsis being on early, i say they were already blacked out by Studebaker.
  10. 1963r2

    Shimmed Avanti!

    I would have thought the more options the better so I will guess at 9 pb
  11. When I got my Avanti ( in pieces ) it included these motors. Anyone know what they do or what they are off? They only go in and out. The rams are fully extended in the picture and retract with power. Are they for central locking? Any help would be appreciated. pb
  12. Thanks Silver I will happily use this when it comes to putting things back together. pb
  13. Re clock Not sure if this will help but my clock did not work either until I sprayed some lubricant inside it. It started working then. Things were a little dry in there causing too much friction for the fine gears/cogs to move. pb
  14. Has anyone got a source for the wiper motor wiring? I'm talking about the connection block and wiring to the motor itself, not the main wiring harness. My wiring is brittle and has been painted over and I thought of replacing it with a new, nicer section. I have spoken to D Bass and he no longer has any sections left. Thanks pb
  15. Probably the last R3 but for me it would be Egbert's car. pb
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