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  1. 1963r2

    Avanti R3858!

    Is that the one that was used in Gattica? pb
  2. Tim Best to talk to Brad Bez. I believe he has done this a few times. In fact there might be a topic on this already, try the search function. pb
  3. I was hoping it was Harold, that way there initials would have been HE and SHE. pb
  4. My guess is 1800. pb
  5. 1963r2

    Avanti Name!

    3) model R
  6. 1963r2

    Avanti Frames!

    Gauge of steel used.
  7. 1963r2

    Rocked Avanti!

    Grounds keeper
  8. 1963r2

    Avanti Hole!

    There is no purpose. I think it was to be used for the passage of fuel lines. pb
  9. I did read the story some decades ago. I will take a chance and say 64Gt. pb
  10. Being such a low number it could infact be plausible. Being that your question could contain some trickery ie R or RS and based solely on the number in question and the lowness of that serial number my quess is true. pb
  11. Don't quote me but is ELV Elk vinyl ? pb
  12. R1499 I have a Metric speedo for it now. pb
  13. Not sure why but maybe it wasn't available yet. My R2 had the 140mph speedo as well.
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