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  1. 1963r2

    Useless hole

    Yes, the one to the rear of the rear seat. Not sure what purpose it was intended for other than to let in road noise ,rain,heat and/or debris.
  2. What have people done with the "useless hole". I like the idea of keeping it as a vent for the fuel vapours to escape but would like it to be waterproof enough to not let water in. Any thoughts? pb
  3. Not sure if this helps or not but sometimes the fibreglass section where the hinge bolts to the body (ie the hinge pocket) cracks and breaks. If that it the source of the problem then repair or replace that section. My passenger side had that problem. pb
  4. Gary I bought a 63 Avanti out of NY and it was full of rust if that is any help. pb
  5. 1963r2

    Dash Pad

    Look at previous months posts on the studebaker swap page. You should be able to find what you are looking for. studebakerswap.com pb
  6. 1963r2

    Avanti Display!

    The release of the new car and there partnership.
  7. My father bought it off a friend who started it up in the early to mid 80's. Not sure when Granatelli owned it, but if he did around that time then maybe there is some correspondence around. It changed names to Auto Masters in the late eights from memory, maybe Andy found out someone was using the name and not paying? I will ask him the next time i see him. ps Auto masters is still in business. pb
  8. I don't know the answer but my father owned Tune up Masters in Australia at one time. pb
  9. Oops, your right JLBKY. Even easier to remove and replace with a cover. pb
  10. Eric Have a look on the Bob Johnstone Studebaker site. There is a link to surviving Avanti's cars on that. It doesn't have all of them but you can scroll around maybe you will recognize it. It would be easier with the vin number if you could locate one on an old photo or something. pb
  11. As previously stated that sounds like the location of the partial flow oil filter as used on early blocks. It can however be used on later full flow blocks as well with the use of a cover to allow the oil to circulate around the engine and be filtered on top. Right hand drive cars for instance used the partial flow location on later blocks as the steering arm can hit the oil filter with the full flow set up and limit steering. Have a look on the passenger side lower rear portion of the block for a cover plate. If you have the cover plate you can remove the 2 bolts and install the full flow bracket and oil filter into its original location and remove the partial flow from on top of the motor. I hope that makes sense. pb
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