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  1. 1963r2

    Rolled Avanti!

    Ok well my car has 3. Two pick up the inner part of the hog trough ( as per normal) and there is one on the outer lip between the roll bar and the door jamb . The only thing I can think of was that there was a hole in the bottom plate when I removed the bottom section of the roll bar and I assumed the bolt had rusted away so I put it back. pb
  2. 1963r2

    R3 Airbox

    I did it so as to not worry about having to seal the carby. But it also looks different, good, etc. Not sure of any performance gain although I guess there must be otherwise they would not have used it. pb
  3. 1963r2

    Rolled Avanti!

    Yes I can only see 2 In photos. I will check my car later today to see what I did. pb
  4. 1963r2

    Rolled Avanti!

    I seem to remember 2 on the outside and 1 on the inside of the triangular section. I could very well be wrong. Maybe someone who is currently doing the job will let us know. pb
  5. 1963r2

    Rolled Avanti!

    Are you sure? I'm sure I used 3. pb
  6. 1499 (R2 auto) had a 140mph speedo. It now has a metric speedo. pb
  7. It has been done before so it is possible. I'm doing it on my R2. I removed and blanked off the fuel pump and placed a smaller sanden compressor in that area. There was more to it but that was the area I utilised. I'm using the standard Avanti a/c set up. pb
  8. Try searching the site but in the past people have changed the tops of the carbys over ie put the old afb top on the new edelbrock carby. Pb
  9. I can't remember but it is difficult. I have this feeling you need to drop the tie rods and remove the centre bell crank. I'm sure someone will pipe in with the easiest way. It also depends on if you want to pull the sump completely out or not. It might drop enough to remove and install the new gasket without removing everything else. I hope that is on some help pb
  10. Maybe the inner cable has snapped. Check the pinion gear in the gearbox again and check the inner cable at the same time. If all seems well put a drill on the end of the cable and see if the gauge is moving. No movement suggests a gauge issue. pb
  11. 1963r2

    AL-Mag Avanti!

    Radiator fan assembly
  12. 1963r2

    Turning Avanti!

    False, I'm sure the quick steer manual was less turns.
  13. I have a transition body and it is essentially a 63 ie single vent, 3ee battery , hood prop on drivers side. Not sure of the higher front emblem but I will check when I see it next. pb
  14. 1963r2

    On Frame

    Thanks Brad. It sounds like a trip around the world is in order. Flights are cheap at the moment. Pb
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