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  1. True. Patience and perseverance! And enjoying searching until I find what I would like.
  2. studegary and arkus, I appreciate the comments. I don’t think that the old sockets can be removed from the original housings without damage. At this point I’m leaning toward using the 2 lead socket and soldering a white ground wire to the casing and using JB Weld or similar to fasten the socket to the housing. I’m also considering drilling and tapping the housing and using a set screw to attach the socket to it. I’m trying to do it like original if possible. All input is appreciated!
  3. Also posted on SDC forum! I have located a NOS set of front park light housings for my 1981 Avanti II. They didn’t come with the light sockets. I have currently come up with two choices for the socket installation. 1st option= I have located a socket with 3 leads which I would drill out the hole in the housing, so I could install the socket from the inside. This would have to be done due to the location of the socket flange. 2nd option=I have located a socket with2 leads which I would need to solder a ground wire to the socket housing and install from the rear side. This is because the socket
  4. I realize this thread is nearly 4 years old! My 1970 Avanti II RQA-0385 still retains the body tag #4925. It was built in early 1969 and sold August 1971. It was equipped with a 350 CU. IN. Stingray Engine. I haven’t looked at the casting number yet.
  5. A picture would be helpful. Is it an emergency flasher switch?
  6. That one is very unique. It gives me a whole lot more appreciation for my Studebaker Avanti and 2 Avanti IIs.
  7. I appreciate the information! I will do some checking and post back with a solution. Thank you Robert
  8. I'm seeking input from those experienced with the factory installed Dana Cruise Control on my 1981 Avanti. I would like to eliminate the prehistoric magnet and pick up coil road speed sensor with a GM type pulse signal generator. Has anyone attempted this modification and what were your results? Do I use an 8 pulse, 16 pulse, 128 pulse or what for full proper function? Thanks for the input! Robert
  9. I am looking for the rear chrome vertical bumper guards to install on a 1981 Avanti II. Let me know what you have for sale. I’m not looking for vendor recommendations! Thanks everyone for keeping the Avanti hobby active.
  10. Hi Jim, I am tracing the cruise control, auxiliary lights, power antenna, stereo trunk popper, dash gauges, choke, a/c, transmission and ECM on my 1981 Avanti II. I appreciate the reference! This should be helpful for most of what I’ve got going on. I’m just verifying and cleaning up the wiring throughout the car to confirm full and proper function of the car and all of the options. Thanks again everyone for the help! Robert
  11. Hi Jim, Do you have similar information regarding a 1981 Avanti II? I have come to a dead end when it comes to Avanti II diagrams. Thanks Robert
  12. I would suggest a mixture of dish detergent and water to lightly lubricate to get them to seat deeper inside prior to placing the ring over the top for tightening. They should fit a little large or else they will pull back and crack as they age.
  13. In search of NOS or OEM driver or better Parking Housing. I would like to locate both the left and right side with lens and seals would be great. I know there are reproduction available, but would prefer OEM first choice.Thanks for the help!
  14. There may be a little adjusting needed. I’ll research that after I finish painting the car.
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