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  1. I've got one of each on my '71. The front has the long overline on top, while the rear has the long underscore on the bottom. To be perfectly honest, I much prefer the long line on the bottom as it looks better next to the Avanti script emblem. A case can be made for having the long underscore on the bottom as that's how Stude used the Roman Numerals on the Lark. Now just for kicks, why did Loewy allow the Studebaker logotype on the rear deck of the Avanti? It looks so out of place and dated compared to his modern Avanti logo and multiple Lazy S badges.
  2. I vote for affixing the Avanti script, but not the tacky Roman Numerals. If you decide to do so, remember the placement is different on square headlight Avantis than round headlight models. Love the color of yours. Looks like Sky Ranch at Carefree airport, which is pretty spectacular as well!
  3. My '71 Avanti II has them, front and back. I know the Avanti script is held in place by fasteners from the back side. Dunno about the Roman Numerals as Studebaker didn't use them on Avantis. If they were installed with adhesive and fell off, or the car was repainted and not reinstalled, that may explain it.
  4. While recarpeting my '71 Avanti, I found this sticker on the driver side kick panel. Did North American Rockwell own MFG around that time? I've read that quite a few Corvettes from that era have the same sticker on various body parts.
  5. Who'da thunk?! Problem is the warning light is so small and so low on the dash, it would never catch your attention if it showed up while driving. Now if it was attached to a warning chime or buzzer, that would do the trick. Or better yet, repurpose the button and use it for a seat ejector (sunroof models only).
  6. Here's my '71 RQB. I have no clue as to what the black spring loaded button does. It's under the dash and to the left of the steering wheel where Newman/Altman mounted the fog lights switch and two speed switch for the rear window defroster. Any clues? (yes, that's USDA certified spaghetti wiring in the background)
  7. My '71 Avanti was titled in Minnesota and I had AAA handle the AZ registration. They took the info from the MN registration and titled the car as an antique (copper plate), thus avoiding emissions. That AAA membership paid off...and I just received the renewal notice from the state: $62.30 for one year; $180.30 for three years. And no stinkin' emissions test required.
  8. Thanks for your info...that's a beast!! The Evans coolant and switching out to a six blade fan has helped some, but I gotta take the next step with a radiator change out and electric fan(s). Anyone know where Studebaker did high temp testing? (tongue firmly in cheek)
  9. Any idea what brand radiator was used on '71 Avanti II's? I'd like to go with an aluminum replacement and a high cfm electric fan. Avanti is a cool car...I'd just like it to run cooler!
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