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  1. I have the StratoVue mirrors mounted on the fenders and they look great, but... For driving I have had door mounted mirrors on some of my other Studes and that is a better position for them, functionally. I have used this method to install seatbelts. Not on an Avanti but other Studes... Mounting the seatbelts is simply get the car on a hoist and find the brackets with the holes, poke a pin up through the carpet and use an exacto to perforate the carpet for the bolt. Install and drive safe.
  2. I have done a couple of rebuilds on my ps and it is starting to get worn and weak. With the motor idling the pressure is low enough that it is hard to turn when sitting still so a blip of the throttle is needed. Time for me to replace it but I have a WHOLE bunch of other projects that need doing first. You may have the same problem. The pump, not the project count.
  3. One of the Bonneville Avantis had a silver paint effect along the flat portion of the front fenders running from the bumper up the raised edge and flaring out towards the windscreen.
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