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  1. I have the StratoVue mirrors mounted on the fenders and they look great, but... For driving I have had door mounted mirrors on some of my other Studes and that is a better position for them, functionally. I have used this method to install seatbelts. Not on an Avanti but other Studes... Mounting the seatbelts is simply get the car on a hoist and find the brackets with the holes, poke a pin up through the carpet and use an exacto to perforate the carpet for the bolt. Install and drive safe.
  2. I have done a couple of rebuilds on my ps and it is starting to get worn and weak. With the motor idling the pressure is low enough that it is hard to turn when sitting still so a blip of the throttle is needed. Time for me to replace it but I have a WHOLE bunch of other projects that need doing first. You may have the same problem. The pump, not the project count.
  3. One of the Bonneville Avantis had a silver paint effect along the flat portion of the front fenders running from the bumper up the raised edge and flaring out towards the windscreen.
  4. What studegary said. There are areas of the steering linkage that can wear but if it is so severe that it can't be set up for basic alignment you would find the problems post haste. I had a Lark with worn upper and lower pins on one side. They were SO worn that the outer shells were cracked and the pin was oval. This was found about 3 minutes after I got the car up on my hoist. It was still mostly aligned even with this problem, but it was really sloppy to drive. You need a second opinion.
  5. I got my info from Bob Johnstone's Studebaker site. When I bought the alternator I went to an auto electrical store and simply asked for a 1985 Toyota single wire style and put my old alternator on the bench. The fellow took one look at it and said "don't go anywhere". He came back 2 minutes later and put the Toyota alternator on the bench beside my old one. The pulley was a bit different but otherwise they were pretty much identical. I paid about $85, took them both home, swapped pulleys and fitted it on the car. A very small amount of grinding was needed. Bob's instructions gave me a good idea of wiring and after studying the old wires I was able to make it operational using only one very short jumper and some creative splicing. See pics... I am up in Canada's arctic right now or I would see if I could find any numbers on it for you. I return late Friday so if you can wait... later
  6. Excellent news. When I brought my car home 5 years ago I got caught in a torrential rainstorm beside Mt. Robson, BC. It seemed to me that there was as much water coming in the rear wing windows as around the fronts. I have since got the fronts adjusted but still try to avoid ANY chance of driving in the rain. Now I keep two large terry towels in the car, just in case... Count me in for a set as soon as they are available.
  7. Ok. Thanks. I somehow remember reading they are now available but that may have been in a dream. Hahaha...
  8. I read recently about repo rear quarter seals now being available but I have lost my source... Can someone direct me to the vendor? Thanks.
  9. I will venture 'false' as the R3 type (factory cast) headers probably were not in production until the R3 engine development was completed.
  10. My '63 Avanti had a "loose" feeling steering system when I got it and I was concerned about what it would take to fix. I shouldn't have been... If your bushings and kingpins are worn, replace them. Mine weren't so I gave them a good shot of grease. If your P/S pump is weak, fix it. Mine was so I did. If your steering box is loose, rebuild it or adjust it. Mine only needed PROPER adjustment, which is a critical part of a tight steering system. If your bell crank is sloppy, fix it. Mine was but it wasn't worn at the bushings so I installed the proper shims and tightened down the cinch bolt. If it seems to want to wander, align it. Mine did so getting this done right was critical! I started with a basic machine alignment at a good garage and tweaked it from there. Remember that it does NOT align the same when radial tires are fitted. The end result of all this is that it is now one of the tightest handling Studes I have owned (30+) over the years, and this is with a heavy supercharged Stude V8 up front.
  11. I seem to remember seeing it closer to the rear of the car, at least compared to mine... so false.
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    Avanti R5168!

    They stopped regular production?
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