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I am new with an eighty two

Stuart Boblett

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Good morning everyone. I am an antique gear head who just purchased and 82 Avanti II from the original owner with about 58,000 miles. It has been sitting for several years but seems to be in pretty decent shape so far. I am sure I will have a zillion questions as I go on and your help will be greatly appreciated. I have always thought they were neat cars since I saw my first one in 63 so here goes nothing.

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Welcome to the world of Avantis!  You've purchased one of those most striking looking automobiles ever designed...as well as one of the occasionally infuriating cars to own when it needs attention.  One of the first things you should do is to obtain copies of both the shop and body manuals.  They're available as original and reprints and while they're centered on the Studebaker Avanti, they're still very applicable in most respects to post-Studebaker Avantis.  

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