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Brake Master Cylinder - Dual Chamber, When Started?


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A mid '70's full size Dodge or Plymouth dual chamber master cylinder is a direct bolt-up to the Studebaker Avanti brake booster. (four bolt mounting pattern)

A common-sense safety improvement I made to my own '63 Avanti over twenty years ago!

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MFG,  could you tell me how the dual master cylinder that you installed functions .  I understand it is a safety feature, but just how does it operate as such ?  Does it require any other brake alterations ?  Thanks, Daryl

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It functions perfectly!....No difference in brake 'feel' between the original single reservoir and the dual reservoir master cylinders!

It's been awhile, but I believe I used a dual master cylinder made for a '73-'75 Dodge Coronet.....It bolts right up to the Studebaker Avanti brake booster.

If your steel brake lines are in good condition, you can retain most all of them.....Replace any "scary" looking ones!:o

The brake line  change that does need to be made is unscrewing the line that runs to the rear of your Avanti at the brass union, (octopus), which is mounted on the frame rail near the steering box.

The port in the brass union that fed the rear brakes needs to be plugged OR you can re-locate the hydraulic stop light switch to that port. (which is what I did)

Then the rear brake line you unscrewed needs to be extended up and connected to the FRONT (smaller) master cylinder reservoir..

Your original (single reservoir) master cylinder brake line then needs to be connected to the REAR (larger) master cylinder reservoir chamber....It will now feed the front brakes ONLY!

Bleed the bakes in the usual way and you should be all set....Ed:)

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