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Heat Riser Mechanism


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The heat riser on my '66 ('67 GM motor) does not work. It is not stuck and can be freely rotated in the riser housing. The bimetal spring is in place and mounted to the rotating part of the valve but it is not attached to the housing of the riser. The end of the spring looks bent back an inch or so from original and does not seem to align properly any way I try it. Does anyone know if there is a diagram of this thing somewhere? Thanks for any ideas.

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RQB3263.....the easiest way to fix it is to remove it ....drop the exhaust pipe and take the housing out ...go inside the housing and cut the cross shaft to remove the flapper valve and remaining cross shaft piece....weld up the hole and reinstall....problem solved and exhaust flow improved...RQB3263 BILL

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That loose end should be stopped by a pin protruding from the valve body.

Maybe this picture will help: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/oer-3887023/overview/make/chevrolet/model/chevy-ii

You could always install a new one... you'd need to determine the manifold opening diameter (likely either 2" or 2.5") and match it...


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