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'Cored' Avanti!


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OK, I was waiting for someone else to answer this, but guess I'll have to take a stab at it. Following is a ridiculously long complicated answer to a relatively simple question but it's been a slow night :).

Assuming here that you are not including threaded oil gallery plugs or block drain plugs as "core plugs"........and that you are using the following definition for core plug: Core plugs are used to fill the sand casting core holes found on water-cooled internal combustion engines. They are also variously called frost plugs, freeze plugs, engine block expansion plugs, or Welch plugs.

So counting the "block" core plugs, there are three on each side down low near the pan rail, plus two on the backside of the block. So if you are talking strictly about engine block core plugs, there are more than four, more than six, more than seven, and sure can't identify thirteen. So assuming I'm missing one, I'll say nine must be the correct answer.

Of course, there are four (4) more "welch" plugs installed in the ends of the two rocker arm shafts, but these would not fit the definition of core plugs.

So I'll stick with my answer of nine, although I'm drawing a blank on where the ninth core plug is. :D

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If you are counting rocker shaft "welch plugs" then your count is incorrect.

Your question specifically said "CORE PLUGS"

That is by definition only for CASTINGS.

NOT for sealing up a machined tube. So you can subtract 4 right there.

There are 6 in the sides of the casting, and three in the belhousing area (one behind the other in the distributor hole.)

That makes 9 the Technically correct answer to your specific question.

Don't change the rules to fit what you want it to be mid question.

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brad,... you'll never change....Always thinking you're correct before you consider all the possibilities!

The answer is THIRTEEN...but I think I'll give you a few days to figure out why!

(That's OK brad,.....your still my favorite 'sparring' partner!)

And for the THIRD time......we're discussing an ENTIRE Studebaker Avanti R-1 engine here!

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OK folks,.....Here's the thirteen core plugs!.............................

SEVEN 11/2" core plugs......three along each side of the engine block, and one at the rear of the engine sealing the camshaft.

ONE 11/4" core plug at the rear of the engine sealing the oil gallery line.

FOUR 1/4" core plugs at the rear of each carburetor venturi.

ONE 5/8" core plug sealing the end of the carburetor choke housing piston bore.

REMEMBER.....the carb venturis and the choke housing are ALL CAST PIECES...closed off with core plugs.

(and I did say an ENTIRE R1 engine brad!)

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