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64 Avanti

steve remick

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How many "on the road" may be able to be determined from DMV records, but this would exclude show cars that are not registered for street use, cars in the restoration process, cars languishing around, parts cars, etc.

Stu C. recently did a search for remaining 1964 convertibles. I believe that he is up to about 25% accounted for.

I would think that the survival for 1964 Avantis would be higher. My guesstimate of surviving 1964 Avantis is 607.

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Although the survival rate for Studebaker Avantis seems to be high, the years 1963-1975 were especially harsh on these cars.

My guess on how many '64 Avantis are still 'on the road' today would be approx. 250.

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With the fiberglass bodied Avanti not having the typical rust issues, instead having frame and hog trough rusting, I'd think around half of the 809 are in shape to be on the road today, but are they? 809 may have been built, what what is the real number for Avantis titled as 64's? I had a 63 in all respects, but was probably titled a 64 when it was sold new.

Do the insurance companies share information on years and brands of cars being insured? How many would be stored someplace, not on the road and not on anyone's stats list?

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