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  1. mfg.....do you know if they ever sold his Avanti for $125,000?
  2. Dwight...That is correct, that was a test and you PASSED! I also use NON-OXY FUEL. Thanks for your reply
  3. I completely remanufactured the engine (289 R1). Pistons 10,000 over size. Hardened valves, valve springs. All engine bearings replaced and all internal parts such as pistons, rods ported and polished. I'm using Vavoline Racing Oil VR1 SAE 20W-50. My question. Do I need to add a lead substitute (CD-2) on gas fuel up? Thanks to all in advance for your comments!
  4. Thanks regnalbob! That will be a big help!
  5. I want to assemble strato-Vue outside rear view mirrors. Can someone tell me the distance to position the mirror on the R&L fender like in the photo. Thanks in advance!
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