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Early Seat Repair


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After owning my Avanti for almost 50 years, it's time for new upholstery and I have a couple questions.

I've removed the old upholstery and padding from the front seats.  

How do I remove the pivot bolt that that holds the seat back to the seat bottom?  Is it threaded or press on?

Is there a replacement bushing for the pivot bolt or an aftermarket solution that would work to take the wiggle out of the pivot?



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3 hours ago, RoyG said:

Dan Booth at Nostalgic sells rebuild kits for these seats... and they aren't expensive.

Thanks!  Any suggestion on removing the original pivot pins from the seats?  Do the cap ends pry off or screw off?

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On 3/16/2024 at 11:41 PM, 1963r2 said:

From the ones I’ve seen they pry off.

Thanks for the tip!  I'm going to add three words to the tip...."with great difficulty".  I used two small screwdrivers, one very small and usually used for working on electronics, to pry.

An interesting discovery was that my Avanti's factory Line Number was written in marker on the underside of the fiberglass seat bottom which is broken and will be replaced.

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