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1981 Automatic Transmission query


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Hi Folks- I have pulled down my Automatic Transmission completely with a mind to freshen what is actually a 67K mile unit that has languished unused since 1998.  Expecting to find O Rings that were hardened and falling to bits, I was somewhat pleased to find all parts, including Bushings in perfect working conditon and kicked myself gently for pulling it all apart in the first place.

As part of the learning curve I found that I have a TH350 'C', which means it has a 'Lockup' Torque Converter.  I've heard no traffic on this subject on this forum and found myself blindsided when ordering the rebuild kit. I have since obtained a proper valve body gasket kit to suit the 'C'.

I was I pretty keen to rid my Avanti II of all Smog/EGR/Distributor/Carburetor/O2 sensor/ECM related gizmos but have since learned the ECM even has some control of the TC Lockup. Now I find my ardour for 'mass removal' cooling somewhat and being put in the too hard basket. However, I do wish to keep the Lockup feature intact.

Has anybody got any advice or suggestions appropos this subject, good, bad or indifferent?

Whatever happens, though, I am hell-bent on removing the AIR injection system and tubes- UGH!... hate this stuff !  I suspect the EGR controlled Carb as original may not tolerate E10 fuel also...


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I would think the lockup feature on a TH350 is a great addition.  It only drops the RPM a hundred or two, but in that you get a little bit of an increase in fuel mileage, a little less engine wear and you don't have to fear that temperature stigma on a 700R4.  



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I have a 82 model with the 200R4 and lock up converter.  The CCC computer control handles the lock up converter which I wanted to keep as well.  So, I removed the entire smog pump system and EGR valve.  Both of these do not affect the CCC system at all.  Next, I went ahead and rebuilt the Electronic Carb with a kit and the 2 electrical solenoids with parts from:  https://quadrajetpower.com/  Both solenoids TPS and Idle Mixture were not working correctly, so that's why I replaced them while the carb was disassembled.   QP also has the tools needed to adjust the solenoids.  O2 sensors do wear out, so I went ahead and replaced it while I was doing everything else (1981 Monte Carlo worked for me).  Lastly, I retained the Carbon Canister system since I didn't want to vent gas fumes into the garage or anywhere else.  All of the related vacuum lines were bad, so those were replaced as well.    Now the car runs correct, no check engine light either.

engine right.JPG

engine left.JPG

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