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Engine reseal, cooling system upgrade and A/C compressor upgrade.


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I just completed another project on our 82 Avanti to stop all the oil leaks.  99K miles on the 305.  I replaced the rear mail seal, the oil pan gasket, the timing cover seal/gasket/ timing chain and the fuel pump/gasket.  All oil leaks have now stopped.  While doing this, I decided to install a high volume water pump and convert the radiator fan to electric.  I chose the Flexalite Black Magic Fan with Shroud #188 and variable speed controller #31165 with the thread-in water temp sensor.  The controller starts the fan up at 60% and ramps up to 100% as needed.  It turns on with the A/C compressor and you can add a manual off/on switch if you want.  This fit the stock radiator almost perfect!  The fan draws 18 amps at 100%, so I went ahead and replaced the stock 63 amp alternator with a 100 amp model.  Lastly, the old GM 6 cylinder steel A/C compressor was leaking at the front seal, so I replaced it with the newer aluminum 10 cylinder model.  Total parts cost was right at 1K and I found that Summit had the best prices.

Engine R.JPG

Engine L.JPG

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