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Sun visor ideas?

Ron Dame

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I'm going to cross post this between the '63-'64 and the '65-83 groups because it should be the same. I'm not sure about Blake Avantis...

I'd like to have visors that will swing to cover the door glass when the sun is low and to the side. I started by removing the inner visor mount, but in swinging it from front to side, the outer screw loosens. On top of that, the visor is not wide enough to provide that much shading. Then I tried to fit some fromĀ  a Jetta, but they require a deep hole in the header to fit, and I don't think I have enough depth for that.

Has anyone figured out another visor that fits?

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Nostalgic Motors used to install a second set on the sides for that purpose. THey were the same as the front ones just mounted on the sides

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