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Need Floorshift Length


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Would an owner of a Studebaker Avanti, or early Avanti ll, with a four speed standard transmission please measure the length (height) of the FACTORY gearshift  (floor shift) lever for me?

I need this measurement as soon as possible....Thanks, Ed......

(Added...the approx. distance between the console to the top of shift knob would be what I'm looking for)

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1 minute ago, Dunkin said:

I have Dave Thibeault's Hurst in mine, it is 8" I have a larger than standard shift ball also.

Thank you Dunkin...that helps me!...Was the original shifter in your Avanti when you bought it?.. and if so, do you feel the height of original was close to 8"?

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1 hour ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

I have one of Dave Thibeault's Hurst shifters in my '64 Avanti.  He cuts off the flat Hurst lever and welds on a round rod to look like the original.  He told me that the only way one could tell it is that his lever is not tapered like the original.


Dave's done some awesome things over the years for us Avanti/Studebaker owners! 🙂

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