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Heater core dimensions


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Greetings All,

My 77 has a tired original engine & it's getting rebuilt.  While it's out, I'm upgrading various issues that need attention.  The heater core has leaked for years & needs replacing.  Does anyone have dimensions for the original unit?  I've read that a 73-96 full size Chevy truck/Blazer etc. core is compatible.  Can anyone confirm this?  Thanks All!!



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I finally got my old core out.  It was pretty leaky.  1 tube broke off as I yanked it out.  Dimensions are approximately:

Top to bottom 7 1/8"
Left to Right 9 1/2" Thickness 2 3/8"

I'm attempting to replace it with a non A/C 350 V8, 73-91 Chevy C10, full size Blazer etc. core with very similar dimensions & tube locations.  I'll follow up after I epoxy the brackets on.  Thx!  Steve




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On 11/12/2023 at 12:40 PM, pantera928 said:

So Steve

How is that heater core working out after a year?

Where did you get those angle brackets?


Heater core is in but it was a total pain in the butt.  I had to grind & round off the bracket ends to get it to fit in the heater box.  Angle brackets were from angle iron used for garage door track.

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