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Stereo CD Players?


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I had some originals converted to AM/FM 4 channel stereo. You can add blue tooth and aux USB inputs. Then I used a good small 4 channel amplifier to take the load off the output and used good speakers. Sounded fantastic and looks stock. The speakers can present a problem in mounting to get good sound. I cut the kick panels and "straightened the curve with dense foam insulation before installing 5 1/4 component speakers there. Then reshaped the kick panel trim and upholstery and carpet to look factory. The main thing is to trim out tie vent opening so you don't see the filler foam.  I use component speakers up front, because the higher the frequency, the more directional it is. So, I put the tweeters up in the headliner trim by the windshield. For rear speakers, I put 6x9 ovals in the rear parcel shelf. You can hide them if you don't need it to look factory by covering the openings with speaker cloth.



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20 hours ago, Dunkin said:

Down the road I am looking at replacing the radio, any recommendations for these that will fit in the original openings 63/64? Thanks 

I have a unit from retrosound. Fit right in. No CD but it has USB and bluetooth

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For the '63 I restored, I bought a used Studebaker Avanti radio on ebay for $25.  The seller didn't know if it worked or not, but I didn't need it to.  There are a number of people you can send a classic car radio to, and they will restore it with modern electronics, make it stereo (which the originals weren't), Bluetooth compatible, install a port that you can plug an iPod into that will tuck up under the dash, and if you want, connect it to a CD changer that mounts in the trunk.  I sent mine off to one of them.  I didn't bother with the CD changer, which is an option I'd undoubtedly have selected if I'd done the restoration ten years earlier, but nowadays, with other ways to store music, why waste the trunk space?

If you go this route, you get an original-looking radio, with modern stereo sound.  You change from AM to FM by turning the radio off and immediately turning it back on.  I'd have loved to have an original Avanti AM/FM radio, but they're rare as not much was played on FM back then, and it was an option most people didn't select.  The only one I've ever seen for sale was offered at $1200.  I wasn't willing to pay all that just to have the FM markings on the dial.

I replaced the central speaker with one of those plastic tray inserts that Avanti Motors offered on later, stereo-equipped Avanti IIs, and that Dan Booth sells; and I put a pair of speakers in the rear shelf, and a couple of smaller speakers in the kickpanels (for which I had to fabricate a box).  Unfortunately, the nature of the car limits the size of front speakers you can use.



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