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Jim Bunting and the AVX


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During the AOAI's June 2022 national meet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin celebrating the Avanti's 60th anniversary meet participants got a chance to listen to Jim Bunting about what transpired in the creation in 1997 of the AVanti eXperimental, otherwise known as the AVX automobile.  Because of the three prototypes created, John Seaton and Mike Kelly were able to continue Avanti production in Villa Rica, Georgia beginning with models in 2001. 

Enjoy the 35 minute presentation from this year's meeting.



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"Keep the faith"....great advice from Jim Bunting to loyal Avanti owners worldwide. It was great to hear the many stories from the man who produced AVX 1-3, and was the inspiration for 2001-2007 Avantis. Every single Avanti from 1963 on was so eye catching, that many groceries were dropped by those who saw one drive by. Congratulations, Mr Bunting. Mission accomplished! 

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