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Door Mirror mounting options?


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My 81 has the AMC Javelin / Jaguar XJ6 style door mirrors.  Both highly trashed.  So I'm looking for replacements.

Unfortunately the bolt holes for these mirrors are 2-5/8" apart, which seems abnormally spaced.  Its also not a specification that anyone notes on aftermarket mirrors.  They always just say "Fits 72 Camaro" or Fits "68-77 Cutlass" but thats not helpful for someone with an Avanti.  (or an AMC Javelin for that matter).

I frankly would rather not have to fill holes and drill new ones if there was any possible way to use the existing ones and get some decent chrome mirrors.  I would even consider getting repro Javelins if I could get the passenger side with convex glass and a remote cable so it holds its position.

anyway, if anyone knows more than i do about replacing door mirrors (i know zero), please chime in.  I'm looking for chrome mirrors that are period style but also daily-driver functional and safe.  And most important, that FIT THE HOLES.  

avanti mirror copy.jpg

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I replaced mine with mirrors from a late 1980s GM. Camaro, Fiero, Firebird or Corvette.

Vision is better and they look better. I believe they were used on the late 80s Avantis




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I wanted a passenger side mirror that looked exactly like the AMC sourced diver side mirror for my '71 Avanti. These folks have them, but they don't offer convex glass and are pricey. If you want originality, these are your ticket:

Driver side. https://pgclassic.com/products/amc-234lhcr?variant=39533547159721

Passenger side.  https://pgclassic.com/collections/amc/products/amc-234rhc

AMC didn't make a passenger side mirror with the cable remote....that's what I wanted, too 😖

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