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On 8/29/2022 at 1:46 AM, tanda62 said:

Update: after many hours of cleaning I have finally gotten the engine painted! 




Hi Tanda62, Where to get tose fine Offenhauser style Valve Covers with Studebaker name?

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2 hours ago, tanda62 said:

They came from Studebaker International along with gaskets. However nuts and stud seals did not come with them.


Is this correct? R2 1963
One. Pix Valley Cover without hole for breather. 801550
Pair. With Breather Tubes (caps not included). 801459


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The Valve covers are the ones I got however the valley cover is not.  I got my valley cover from O'Briens Truckers but will not be using it as it sits to close to the distributor hole not allowing the distributor to be seated.  I cannot speak to the valley cover from Studebaker International but it looks like it would be a good one.


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my 63 has those same covers. If you have an R2 you need to manipulate all the blower components in order to fit. I also had to make up a spacer for under the blower bracket and then use a threaded rod inside the nut to make it all fit properly. It is due to the fact the original cover was rounded and it had room. No its raised with a square edge and you need to adjust every part to make it all fit.  On the attachment you can see the bolt hole and this is after some manipulation of parts. I do have sitting on the proper bracket underneath too which attaches to the header bolt. I bought a threaded adapter and turned to round and cut it fit underneath. Then I used the acorn bolt with a threaded roc to attach after moving it all again. I have thin rubber 1x1" sq under the oil breather as it sits tight to the fender. yes I know thats not the correct breather hose but i know this one fits. 

avanti motor.jpg

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