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Thinking of purchasing Avanti RBQ3751


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New to forum and was thinking of buying an 83 Avanti II and I have some general questions:

1) I understand there is a Register for Avanti's. Where can I go to find it and do I need to join something to see the register?

2) The door seals are shot and leak when it rains and so the carpets are wet. By reading this forum I have found new carpets but am wondering where to find the door (and truck) seals?

3) What and where are the "Hog Troughs"?

4) I've looked on-line for Avanti's for sale and the prices are all over the place, from $1,000 (a parts car) to $60,000. I'm thinking of offering the guy $7,500 to $9,000. Does that seem in the ball park? It has 86,308 miles.

5) Any other general advice would be much appreciated.

Again, thanks folks, for your help in advance!


Houston, TX

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First...Welcome! The Avanti from whatever generation is a wonderful, visually stunning and oftentimes a frustrating vehicle to own.

The Avanti registry is at http://www.studebaker-info.org/avantiX3.html.

Door seals can be obtained from various vendors...Myer's Studebaker, Nostalgic Motors and Studebaker International. There are likely other vendors who carry them as well but those are the Big 3.

The hog troughs are properly called "torque boxes"...they form a solid connection from the body to the frame. They're structural...if they're compromised by rust, vehicle safety is compromised. It's an expensive repair and depending on other conditional and mechanical factors, can turn an otherwise restorable vehicle into a parts car considering the cost/benefit analysis.

Without a better description and photographs it's difficult to give a serious, objective value of the car. Are the hog troughs in good shape? Is it equipped with a moon roof that operates and doesn't leak? What condition is the body and paint? What condition is the interior? Is the steering loose? Avanti front coil springs are known to sag with age...have they been replaced? The front suspension is full of grease fittings and things can freeze up if it hasn't been properly maintained over time. Does it have wire-spoke wheels?

It could be a very nice car to own and enjoy...it might be a car you can get upside down in very quickly, value-wise. We simply need more information.

Maybe you can find an AOAI member in your area who can go with you to look the car over.

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Here's a recent discussion on purchasing a later Avanti from the SDC Forum. If you are not a member, I'd suggest joining as there is much more interaction on there. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?87262-Avanti-II-value

I own a 74 and 83, and IMHO, the 83 is the best built of the series from 66 to 83. It's the same basic car but just assembled better with higher end materials. In the SDC discussion I'm sweetolbob so if you need more info just ask. Your numbers are about right for a very nice driver. If you post pictures we can get more specific but the under carriage, Frame and hog troughs, are the major issues to look at as well as the need for paint. We can discuss other issues like engine and trans as you get more interested in the purchase.

Hog trough reference. This will give you an idea of what the Avanti looks like underneath. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?55565-Back-to-conventional-Hog-Troughs

This what it looks like with the rocker panels reattached. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?60090-74-Avanti-body-repair-after-Hog-Troughs

Welcome, Bob

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Welcome. A quick way to test the torque boxes (Hog Troughs) is to lightly tap them with a small hammer.

A hollow dead thud indicates a problem. Structurally good ones have a solid metallic sort of sound.

Small areas can be easily repaired if you can use simple hand tools, drill, sheet metal snips, and possibly a pop-rivet tool.

There are several forum members on this forum in the Houston area.

I'm thinking they might give you any info you might need.

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I live NW Houston and have an Avanti. We have a Houston Avanti group http://www.thirdcoastavanti.com/.

I sent you a private message but call 713 480 7587 or text.

There is an Avanti just south of Tomball on 249 just sitting with two other cars. I stopped and looked last night, I think it is a 83 ??, white appears clean, interior good. It was Sunday evening and no name or number on cars.

We would be happy to advise and help you find an Avanti, this one or another.


It had a Dec 2014 California plate

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I reread your post, if you are considering the white Avanti parked on 249 south of Tomball, I live just 3 miles south and can easily go with you.


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Welcome and hopefully we can help you out. I'm also a member of the Avanti club DevilDog referred to. I'm not quite as close as Joe is, but can also serve as a reference if you need some advice. As mentioned before assuming things are in good order and all the needs attention is the carpeting and the door seals the price range you mentioned seemed reasonable.

I have an 82, so very close in production. The 83 will have a 305 sbc and the computer controlled quadrajet carburetor (E4ME). These can sometimes be a pain, but I know a gentleman locally who worked wonders with mine for an extremely reasonable cost. 305s, though not powerful are a very reliable and economical power plants. It should also have a 4 speed OD transmission which makes highway cruising quite enjoyable. Make sure you test drive the car and see how it starts, runs from a cold start. I would say other things to check are leaks coming from the power steering control valve (looks like an octopus that's connected to the steering gear on the driver's side).

PM me if you need anything. And I hope you join the community.

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Well, pooh!

The car was sold last night. Thanks to all (esp Devildog) who helped!

So my long, lonely search goes on.

Ole' Joe

Sorry you missed it but you'll find one if you keep looking. The selling season is just starting so keep monitoring Ebay, Craigslist and other internet selling sights. Don't forget Turning Wheels and AOAI Magazine.

Probably the only thing you missed that was important is being present when a knowledgeable individual goes over the car and points out the important things to look for. Bob

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Joe, A member of our Chicagoland Avanti Club has had some health issues and a good friend of his says he will be "thinning out the herd" as he has multiple Avantis. The friend has classified them as projects. Are you looking for one to work on or one that doesn't need work? Send me a PM with your email and I will send you info as it evolves.


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