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  1. Have not been on here for a while hope all are doing well. A few weeks ago my Bendix Power Steering was leaking at the control valve, we cleaned and installed the two new lip seals. It lacked worse than before new seals. Another guy was helping and did not pay attention to which end was which on the spool valve as he pulled it out. i have replaced two of these on my friends car with full success, re-inserted same end as when came out. The instruction say to re-insert the same direction. I measure the dimensions and no difference. However, on the pic attached there are detailed machined groves point by the knife blade. Anyone know which end goes in first ????? groves or smooth end first. If you know you will be a Master Avanti parts trivia contestant. many thanks Joe
  2. Another issue on this 1964 R1 is the tach is inop. after sitting for 20+ years. We reviewed the electric circuits wiring diagram and looked thru the workshop manual, but no procedure to test the tach. I have heard the round sending unit module (in the can under dash) is the usual problem, we have a replacement to install. Any tips or comments ? Thanks for the usual good advice Joe
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