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RQB3263 81/305...... i removed the cow catchers (and all bumpers) years ago and installed 2" round led amber park lights in the remaining cylinders... I also fabed fog light brackets that attach to the side of the cylinder..better pic available on reqIMG_1924.thumb.jpg.d19a704176bfe5a408226438116fb99d.jpg

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Bill's idea above is an excellent way to remove it by cutting it off near the grill.

If you want it totally gone and return the car to the earlier style (no cowcatcher) you will need to remove it by unbolting it from the frame and pulling it out. You would then need to cut off the rear of the cowcatcher and put it back in place as it also serves as the front body support. The body will also need some repair to replace the fiberglass cut out to add the bumper.

You could try to cut the end off the support with it mounted but it's tight right there.

So you can see Bill's idea is much easier and works well but I wanted mine closer to original

You will also need another grill or repair yours with 1/8" stainless rod.

Frame end shot


avanti frame mount.jpg

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Below is a photo of my 74 (sold) showing another example of covering the frame ends where the CC was mounted. "Correctness" really doesn't matter much with Avanti IIs but to me, this retrofit looked correct and required virtually no modification.

This was 20 years ago, but with my 74,  I remember using some long bolts and pieces of narrow pipe (which I painted) that worked as a spacer between the frame end and the fog lamp allowing the lamp to mount level. The pipes were a "sleeve" around the bolt.

To each their own but I was happy and it took only an hour to install. From the side viewpoint, the frame end could still be seen a little but the end was covered and the fog lights became the focal point.    

RQB-2156 at Bellevue Museum.jpg

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