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Vaux's Avanti

steve remick

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Pretty sure it's advertised in the classifieds of the latest AOAI magazine-$125,000, IIRC

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7 hours ago, steve remick said:

You can say that again mfg.  Is that legit or is it speculation?

In my humble opinion certain Studebaker Avantis ( Example: the Egbert Avanti, the nine factory R3's, the Bonneville Avantis, 63R 1001, and possibly a few others) are historically significant as well as the rarest of an already rare and desirable model of automobile.

Dick Vaux's R 4892 meets this criterion in every way....not to mention the outstanding restoration which was performed on it. (no repo parts used)

Definitely a highly prized, sought after, and VALUABLE Studebaker Avanti!


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The number for his daughter who is selling the car is in Avanti Magazine.   It Is well worth the asking price. It is the first official 1964 Avanti, was the car shown at the New York Auto Show for the '64 models, and was restored using all NOS original parts that Dick got when he still worked for Studebaker.  It is worth every penny of the asking price.

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