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"Operation Avanti Airlift" Tribute is a go!...


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I've heard from the Hagerstown Aviation Museum and it's a go to have a tribute to the original Avanti Airlift! It will be held Saturday, June 28, 2014...the day before the Dover International meet starts. The Museum's C-82 will be made available for a photo shoot with our Avantis.

There's still some details to be worked out, and I'll let everyone know as things progress.

I sent them scans of photos of the original airlift and they plan on incorporating them in a C-82 exhibit. A little bit of an extra bonus for the Avanti.

The Hagerstown Regional Airport...the home of the museum and its C-82, is within a couple of miles from the intersection I-70 and I-81. Anyone coming east to Dover may well be passing through there and that makes it ideally located for such an event. It's about a three hour drive from Hagerstown to Dover.

Anyone who would like to participate please let me know so I can maintain a roster and have a better idea as time gets closer to the event. Any questions, please either ask here or send me a PM.

Hope we make this a major Avanti event...we may be able to get some good media coverage. We'll certainly try for that.

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Hey gunslinger, keep me on your intent to go list. We had spoken years ago, I had a 73 Avanti II that was involved in a transport accident; later sold to a great guy in Fl who is still driving with smiles. I have a 64R2 that has undergone another (4th) restoration after Superstorm Sandy.

Recently I bought a 63 Gran Tursimo Hawk from a club member who is a young 93!!!

So, thanks and hope to finally meet up.


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I'm putting the event on my calendar. I now have to decide which Avanti (the 76 or 89 convertible) to bring east from Chicago. I haven't thought about when I'd be getting to Dover, except I have reservations starting Sunday night. Pencil me in for it.

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