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Meek Avanti!


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3 hours ago, bob caser said:

They were the first from my knowledge to install a 425 cu in Oldsmobile engine into a Avanti. They removed a R4 engine from that Avanti and the installation was featured in a engine swap magazine published by Hot Rod / Peterson magazine.

Bob Caser

I couldn't remember if they were the ones that swapped the R4 for the big Olds V8 or not. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of that Peterson engine swap book.

In my avatar, that is a crop of one of the photos from the Peterson engine swap book, showing the R4 sitting next to the Avanti. 

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Both Bob Caser and r1lark are right on the money here.....This shop did at least two (and perhaps three) Oldsmobile V8 conversions into Studebaker Avantis!:o

Paul,...Any idea what became of the R4 engine in your avatar?

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