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  1. I'm asking $12,500 With a some  wiggle room. It is RQB 3921 a touring optioned Coupe, With Recaro leather seats ln new condition. A moon roof that works properly and doesn't leak in a car wash. The Hog Troughs and frame are solid. It has never been wrecked, However I did taxi an airplane into the left front fender. It was properly repaired. The original paint was Block sanded off and repainted in year 2000. The car is black and black. I can't seem to include photos on this web site however I will E-Mail any current photos you may want.

      E-Mail, Charles.kile@att.net or call 417 887 3687.

      Charlie RQB3921

  2.   I have a 1984 Touring optioned coupe for sale. It is mechanically about an 8, the interior a 9.5 And the body a 7.

    The engine is a Jasper 350cid with tuned port  EFI and serpentine belt. 700R4 Transmission, and postraction. I've owned it since 1998.

  3. I've been cautioned by the H P about not having the plate mounted. But most agree that if you have the plate in the car so isn't on another they will let you slide. However it does give them one more reason to stop and fine you.

    Charlie RQB3921

    P,S, 3921 is still for sale.

  4. I had the same exact problem a few years back. Had a Devil of a time finding it.

    Believe it or not the nut that connects the starter hot lead to the solenoid was the wrong one !

    Someone had put a 3/8 16 nut on it. When it should have had a 10 x 1 mm.

    It would tighten down and feel really tight, when in reality it was barely making connection and the threads were jamming !

    When it got hot the stud, being copper, would expand more than the steel nut opening the connection.

    As it cooled they would make contact.

    G M used both sizes depending on who made the solenoid !

    Charlie RQB3921

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