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  1. My engine has been red for decades, might go back to Black. Kind of on the fence...
  2. I have figured out most of the hardware. ready to torque things
  3. Searching the web for photos today. I took several photos of the water manifold hardware but I have nothing (as does the shop manual) of which head bolts go where. Ditto for which side the temp sender goes, various plugs & fittings... Maybe ya'll can provide some links or photos? I did not expect this engine to be apart for 13 months...
  4. A fresh engine will start around 5K, how much you can do yourself will affect price. To drop off the car & pick it up with the engine restored these days would likely start at 10K. And most of those jobs will require remediation. A cheaper option? an '86 Camaro!
  5. I might be game, mine has an ear sawed off
  6. One of the first things I did was to replace all that stuff 15 years ago. Especially on a plastic car.
  7. Kevin Orloff is reproducing these from standard pans, they look really good. Mine was massaged with hammer & dolly work + lead filler for $200!
  8. Modern counterfeit brake switches are documented ad nauseam. Old stock or Harley switch.
  9. Am interested in how faithful a repro these are.
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