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  1. Yes, I was thinking that it was banned, I will have to see what I can find down here. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your information, I live in Texas I will see if anyone can do it locally.
  3. What type of plating was used for the hood locks, hood lock bell crank, & rods, hood support, accelerator linkage and the trunk hinges? Thanks.
  4. Anyone have pictures of slotting the door hinges? Thank you.
  5. How thick is your intake gasket to carburetor?
  6. Does anyone know a source for the correct Hidem in Elk for a 1963, it seems to be a scarce item. Thank you.
  7. Any tips on installing new bushings p/n 1557385 in the traction bars? Thanks.
  8. I just had mine out, 63 without air took everything out from the right-side panel p/n 1350208.
  9. Thank you for response, I think I understand what you mean.
  10. Dwight, as the mirror is mounted, does the base go into curve under the vent window? Thank you.
  11. I had some, the grommet size 7/16 OD, 5/16 ID, 1/16 panel groove.
  12. Anyone have any recommendations for seat covers for Studebaker Avanti's, bucket seats only. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the pictures, looks pretty good! Did she do the door panels also, and is that the original dash pad?
  14. Talked to her today, front and back $3,000.00. Thanks.
  15. Ischuc, what does she charge for front and back seats? Thank you.
  16. Don't you think the cost of shipping back and forth would be prohibitive?
  17. She might have the material; I would ask her and see if she would ship the upholstery kit to you and you could have a local upholstery shop install it.
  18. Anyone has a source for these, P/N 311082 for mounting the motor to the body, takes 4. Thanks.
  19. Have any of you removed one of these, if so, do you have any tips. Thanks.
  20. Thank you, I was just thinking of having the covers shipped and having them installed here. I will call and ask.
  21. Ischuc, thanks for information, do you have any pricing, and does she ship out of state? Thanks again.
  22. 1inxs, it was DaytonaR2 that got scammed, I only mentioned the price increase because it went up $200.00.
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