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  1. Thank you, I am getting it back together left side is done working on the right.
  2. Anyone have some bolts and Pyramidal washers for the door regulator and idler laying around they don't need? Forgot size 1/4" hole 3/4" diameter. Thanks
  3. Thank you it does. yours is power, mine is manual the part that I was concerned about is the long arm from window regulator, it was bent pretty bad, after I straightened it, I am having a hard getting time getting the idler arm hooked up. Anything I should know? Thanks
  4. I don't know but most likely yes, Thank you
  5. Anyone have a picture of the window mechanism outside of car preferably the right-side? Would like to know the shape of the long flat piece off the 1350844-window regulator. Thanks
  6. Looks like a good fix. Thanks for your response
  7. Yes, the clips are there in a long-slotted hole, which lets the clips fall out nothing on the ends. Thanks for reply
  8. Do any of you know what is supposed to secure the two ends of these to the side of the car? Thanks
  9. I thought I posted this, but I can't find it. Any substitutes for type "A" transmission fluid? Thanks
  10. Yes, I am not having a good time, rivet replacement is a real bitch, pardon the English!
  11. Thank you, I was afraid of that, mine is 3/4 of course.
  12. I did find out that inside of the trim ring is marked to show top of ring, very hard to find.
  13. R2W55, meant to ask is yours's 5/8 or 3/4 heater hose? Thanks
  14. Do any of you know what the correct thickness and size should be on these? The ones on the 63 car I got seem to be too thick and don't fit well. Thank you
  15. Have any of you changed one of these out? Thanks
  16. Anyone have an extra one laying around that is functional and don't leak? Thank, you.
  17. Does anyone know of a diagram for placement on the frame? I have the DVD shop manual and didn't see it in there. Thanks
  18. Dunkin

    Door Fit?

    Thank you for the advice.
  19. Dunkin

    Door Fit?

    Thank you, yes on the shop manual.
  20. Any of you had any experience on door fit adjustment? Thanks
  21. I had a 78, they were the same, keep track of the shims.
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