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  1. Thank you, I wrote it wrong, it is 1/2 inch, I corrected it.
  2. I believe 1/2 inch is the correct width.
  3. Thank you, that is correct.
  4. Anyone know what the correct width of the factory Hidem Gimp/piping is for these seats? Thanks.
  5. What is a good sealant for this installation and where should the glass fit on the seal? Thanks.
  6. Thanks a bunch, I will look for something close in size and trim it. On the rubber part, I guess it is rubber might try a split hose or a couple of flat pieces glued together.
  7. Leo, is that one you made, if so what are the dimensions? Thank you.
  8. Different part number, I think.
  9. Anyone have any recommendations for seat covers for the front buckets? Thank You.
  10. What size well nuts for the mirror? The instructions say drill 3/8" hole and the screw size is 3/8", so I am confused. Thank you.
  11. Rick, thank you for your input, as far as the 20-year-old goes, I wouldn't trust one to change a tire😁.
  12. Any tips on removing these and the knobs? Thank you.
  13. Yes, I was thinking that it was banned, I will have to see what I can find down here. Thanks.
  14. Thank you for your information, I live in Texas I will see if anyone can do it locally.
  15. What type of plating was used for the hood locks, hood lock bell crank, & rods, hood support, accelerator linkage and the trunk hinges? Thanks.
  16. Anyone have pictures of slotting the door hinges? Thank you.
  17. How thick is your intake gasket to carburetor?
  18. Does anyone know a source for the correct Hidem in Elk for a 1963, it seems to be a scarce item. Thank you.
  19. Any tips on installing new bushings p/n 1557385 in the traction bars? Thanks.
  20. Anyone have a template for mounting one of these on the driver's door? Thank you.
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