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  1. I saw your request from years ago and am wondering if you found a mechanical fuel pump and what the manufacturer is and the parts number. I am having problems locating one. Thanks. Alan Blalock,crateboy@comcast.net
  2. I am looking for a mechanical fuel pump for my 1964 Avanti with a 289. Many people are telling me a Carter #M2211 will fit. I called Carter Automotive direct and they tell me it fits an early to late 50's 289, but don't know if it is the same block as my 1964. Can anyone tell me without a doubt that they have installed this pump on a later 289? I don't really feel like buying one if I have to return it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am wondering if you would possibly have a power steering pump from the motor available for sale. My name is Alan Blalock. Phone # 831-331-1993, or you can message on this site. Thank you for your time.
  4. Good morning. I am trying to determine what part#801929 fits on my 1964 Avanti. It is a feltlike material that came along with additional spare parts when I purchased the vehicle.I have Googled it to no avail. Any ideas how I may search this out? Thank you in advance. Alan Blalock
  5. Thank you so much. This forum is the best thing for Studebaker enthusiasts. Full of truly caring and sharing people, who love to share info and advise. I appreciate the referral, and will give them a shout. I hope  can help someone in the future. Alan Blalock









  6. Thanks for the info. I will try that. I love this forum.Everyone is so he

    lpful and friendly.

  7. Good morning. I have a 1964 Avanti that was a repaint from a previous owner. It is now Maroon, that appears to be a original color. I am looking for a paint supplier that can match this color in a rattle can. The areas in question are not entirely in clear view, but it would be nice to have them appear to be the same color. Thank you in advance. Alan Blalock
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